Educare Sydney offers individual and small group Advanced English classes which are tailored to the syllabus and the specific needs of students. Individual consultation is also offered allowing for a diagnostic evaluation of students’
strengths and weaknesses. For those studying the HSC, published notes on selected texts can be purchased online

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As a teacher of English with more than 25 years’ experience, a background in linguistics, literature and languages, discerning the strengths and weaknesses of students is second nature. All classes are taught online but my particular niche is that students are taught the entirety of their Advanced and Extension texts. I do not apply a generic approach to teaching and I prepare, facilitate and teach all the classes myself.

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Group sizes are limited to five students. Group tuition is interactive and allows students to be exposed to the energy of different ideas and differing writing and communication styles. The stumbling blocks experienced by some are often experienced by others in the group. Texts such as Shakespeare are better taught with more than one voice both in their reading and in the exchange of ideas. All students have strengths and weaknesses which differ—group tuition allows such weaknesses and strength to find their place of acceptance.

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Some students require a more teacher-centred approach and feel more secure within the context of individual learning. Students who have been overlooked by the system may require basic skills which they lack. During assessment students often suffer anxiety and on occasion a more individualised approach is useful. The aim is to ultimately develop their confidence and skills so that they can
always join a small group if there are any openings.

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Not everyone is able to commit to tuition. Here at Educare Sydney,
you will be in a position to find out whether or not your child needs to
improve their language skills and, if so, what are their defining issues.


Understanding your child’s strengths and weaknesses is not
simply driven by marks. More often than not these marks can be
misleading as your child may have been under duress, or not have
managed his or her time effectively. It is important to consider the
substance of the work submitted, not just the marks received.


A consultation will allow me to examine the calibre of evidence
provided by students. Sometimes, the textual evidence provided by a
student is simply not original enough and more often than not does
not support the thesis argument.


One of my strengths is my ability to comprehend assessment and
diagnostic evaluation of senior students’ strengths and
weaknesses. I am able to provide clear feedback on the literary or
grammatical impediments that may impact on student performance. I seek to pinpoint specific academic aspects that require improvement. With these consultations, parents are then in a
position to consider what kind of help, if any, their child requires.
These consulting sessions are not designed to write student material
but are diagnostic.

HSC Notes for Purchase

Educare Sydney study notes have been composed specifically to target the requirements for the new HSC English syllabus. They offer
literary insights that complement and extend students’ responses to set texts. Educare Sydney HSC notes can be purchased online

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