ABOUT –Gabriella Nagata

In 2000, already after 10 years of teaching in NSW and overseas, I opened up Educare Sydney, a tuition school, with a difference. Since 2000, I have been responsible for hundreds of students attaining success in their HSC English exams and gaining the proficiency and confidence in their written and communicative skills. These skills have allowed them success beyond the confines of classrooms and exams. Most importantly, however, I believe I have been able to impart the importance and breadth of education, often drawing on the arts as a discipline to complement the beauty of language and literature.

As teacher and director of Educare Sydney, I am solely responsible for the progress of each and every student. This is important so that I am actively able to monitor student progress and continuously evolve strategies to meet HSC requirements and the publishing of HSC notes for Advanced and Extension texts.

My Professional Experience

In 1983, I graduated from the University of Sydney with a diploma and Bachelor of Arts with a subject major in English literature and history. I taught in the NSW private and public high school system. HSC marking, the publishing of HSC notes and specially crafted tuition for Advanced English texts has been part of my repertoire.

In addition to working in Australia, I worked for the Department of Education in Israel and for an educational publishing firm in Japan. I am fluent in French, Italian and Hebrew. The adoption of these languages together with a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from The University of NSW gives me the skills to understand the grammatical and linguistic complexity of fluency in language. I draw on this understanding when I focus on improving my students’ written and aural skills.

As part of my degree in Applied Linguistics, my specialising component was in syllabus and curriculum design. This allows me to effectively read each school’s syllabus critically and satisfy all directives from NESA.


Morry Finberg was not only my father and friend but also my mentor and a true source of inspiration in teaching me the love for literature and education.

Everything I do reflects the legacy of my late father whose mission as an educator was:

“Don’t lower the level of students but always raise them to the highest level.”

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