Student Essays

Samples  of students with the ability to answer questions creatively and concisely after studying at Educare Sydney.

HSC Module A

Plath & Hughes – R.P. (James Ruse)

Q: How do the voices of Plath and Hughes in their confessional poetry encourage the audience to consider the manner in which culture, judgement and the very nature of language itself can contribute to disparate narratives?


Othello – C.C. (Santa Sabina)

Q: ‘Othello depicts the fundamental truths about human nature.’
How does Shakespeare’s exploration of key concerns in Othello continue to appeal and challenge contemporary audiences?

HSC Module B

An Artist of the Floating World – A.W. (Sydney Grammar)

Q: To what extent does Kazuo Ishiguro’s An Artist of the Floating World challenge our understanding on the nature of context and belief?

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