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Gabriella Nagata

I’m Gabriella, your HSC English Tutor, and I want to welcome you to Educare Sydney, a stimulating and safe environment that will unlock the beauty of literature and the joys of self-expression. Here, students are given the skills to both create and express their unique insights which are so often overlooked. Experienced in HSC marking and in my own publication and production of HSC study notes, I understand the difficulties students face in articulating their ideas and, more importantly, in navigating the demands of assessment tasks and syllabus requirements.

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Educare Sydney HSC English Studies - Covid 19 Response

At Educare Sydney, I am of the belief that the existential anxiety our children are experiencing can perhaps best be alleviated by providing avenues for better communication and the encouragement of critical thinking. With greater insecurity and the immobilisation of certain sectors of our society due to the Covid 19 pandemic, education must encourage flexibility and critical thinking as tools for growth and survival.

Educational strategies in the teaching of Advanced English for the HSC during Covid 19.


Term 1 2021 Assessment Results

S.SJames Ruse

Ranked 1st, Year 12

Ranked 1st, Year 12
J.R.Sydney Girls

Ranked 1st, Year 12
L.P.St Catherine's18/20Up from 16/20, Year 12
A.Q.North Sydney Girls

Ranked 1st, Year 12
H.CEmanuel17/20Year 12
A.M.Oxford Falls Grammar School21/25Year 12
L.Y.Meriden18/20Year 12
R.P.Meriden26/30Ranked 2nd, Year 12
M.F.PLC19/20Year 9
T.P.Santa Sabina17/20Year 12
NameSchoolAssessmentComment Year
Moved from 90th- 19th in the year Advanced
Year 12
JackySydney Girls 18/20First in the yearAdvanced
Year 11
Jaden Reddam house 92%Sat the exam and received a scholarship for entry into Reddam.Year 9
Era Burwood Girls 18/20First in advanced Extension
Year 12
SaraKambala16/20Average mark 10 Advanced year 11
JessDanebrook18/20First in the yearyear Year 10
Year 12
FrancisMarcellin College17/20Year 12
BecMoriah College23/25Year 12

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Group tuition allows students to celebrate the uniqueness of their individuality within the collective. We have a maximum class size of five to ensure the maximum care

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These popular workshops provide students with exposure to others studying the same texts in a controlled and highly motivated environment

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HSC Notes for Purchase

Extensive, carefully compiled study notes and videos composed specifically to complement the NESA HSC English requirements

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The consultation I offer is a one off which is 90 minutes in length. It is an extremely useful way to determine what your son or daughter really need to consider for the study of English in years 11 and 12.

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Extending potential

I’d like to begin by saying that I do not believe in capping student potential and I believe all students are capable of extending themselves far beyond their own expectations and the perceptions of others. The greatest benefit offered here as distinct from many places of learning is my ability to infuse joy and provoke curiosity and interest in literature and language. In my experience students have not even begun to anticipate the dynamic nature of literature and more importantly, the power of written communication.

Learning exactly how to improve written skills

Under my teaching, students actually learn how to write. They learn how to construct sentences, how to start sentences, how to join sentences and how to analyse rather than recount information. These are necessary components in the structuring of extended responses and essay writing. My understanding of teaching how to write has not only been derived from observing and teaching for well over twenty years, but also from an innate ability to understand individual learning impediments and stumbling blocks.

Authentically produced work

As our education system becomes increasingly goal-orientated and students rush to meet expectations demanded of them, many of them have lost touch with the fundamental importance of their own observations and their own literary insights. In many cases, students prefer to have their essays written by tutors or copy-and-paste words which reflect very little of their own beliefs and opinions. As an educator, I firmly believe in the importance of authenticity and the pride that comes with personal accomplishment.

Exploring the historical and philosophic features which underpin the values in all literature.

As a teacher well equipped not only in English literature but linguistics and history, my approach to teaching literature is holistic and specialised. Much of the syllabus today requires an understanding of historical events, socio-political contexts and even an understanding of ancient Greek philosophy and classical allusions. In addition, the social and political elements of the syllabus encourage a presumed awareness of political ideologies and philosophies that is often far beyond the rudimentary knowledge of high school students. It is for this reason that I include as a matter of course, an integrated approach to the study of language and literature; in particular for HSC students. Irrespective of group or individual tuition, students are first encouraged to understand the philosophy and design of their syllabus; in this way, they can better prepare assessment tasks and essays that actually tackle the explicit demands of the syllabus and its rationale.

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Over 30 Years Tuition Experience

I have an extensive experience as HSC English Tutor and HSC Marker, I love teaching and I have a strong passion for literature since I was a kid

HSC Syllabus

An intimate and clear understanding of the HSC curriculum and syllabus requirements, with many years experience as a HSC marker for trial papers, and a Masters degree in syllabus and curriculum design.

Small Study Class Sizes

To maximize the impact of each lesson a maximum number of 5 students per group class is allowed

HSC Tuition Engagement

On a personal and intellectual level, to instill not only a love of language and literature but extend the student's cultural awareness.

Individualised teaching approach and analysis of HSC texts

Development of a love of literature and language by extending the students intellectually and emotionally

Review and in depth study of all syllabus requirements

Multi-faceted approach to facilitate learning, emphasizing the need to incorporate the class teacher's approach and one's personal response

Preparation of students for the HSC and beyond

The focus is placed on written expression and the integration of grammar so that students are able to prepare strong essays and extended responses for the H.S.C and subsequent tertiary studies.

Gabriella Nagata HSC Advanced Tutor

"Many tuition schools employ graduate and undergraduate students for tuition purposes. Some of these also have a number of qualified teachers as well. However, Educare Sydney is run by me alone so I can I take full responsibility and accountability for the learning and standard provided. The standard of teaching is impeccable. My linguistic, literary and teaching background ensures that students are provided with the very best that education can provide."

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LW ,North Sydney Girls, 2018
GL, Scots College. 2018
Lucy, Wenona, 2017
OH, Kambala, 2017

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Essay writing for the HSC

Effective essay writing has been on the decline for the past fifteen years in schools. Students struggle with their interpretation of questions, the harnessing of powerful evidence and structure and expression.

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The new HSC English Syllabus

I guess some of you must be wondering what NESA’S NEW SYLLABUS is like and how that’s going to impact on your approach to the HSC texts. In a nutshell, the new syllabus thankfully places a very strong emphasis on personal perspective something I’ve always believed to be essential to all subject areas; In other words, What Why + How have your texts led you to form your point of view.

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How to achieve a Band 6 in the HSC Exam 2018

There are several areas that are necessary to master in order to perform a high score in your HSC exam. Let's see them one by one.

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English Extension 1 – Blade Runner

Whilst Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut (1992) makes use of genre conventions, his delivery of such conventions is designed primarily to challenge dominant themes and accepted norms. Although science fiction is a dominant genre, film noir is less prominent and is rather integrated into the hybrid nature of the film.

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Module A - Pride and Prejudice and Letters to Alice

A comparison of texts ultimately enhances one’s understanding of the importance of context, purpose and audience on the construction of meaning. Fay Weldon’s Letters to Alice: On First Reading Jane Austen (1984), hereafter Letters to Alice, offers a greater understanding of the values and attitudes surrounding Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (1813).

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English Extension 1 - Science Fiction

Science fiction genre conventions reflect a postmodern context as they simultaneously project and perpetuate society’s universal concerns and fears. The genre’s imitation of context can be seen in: Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut (1992), hereafter Blade Runner; William Gibson’s Neuromancer (1984); E.M. Forster’s The Machine Stops (1909); and Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell (1995).

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