31 Jul 2023

How to write an HSC Advanced English Common Module essay?

All emotions are derived from the way people respond to language; as language has the capacity to create empathy, reflect and affirm value systems, and challenge emotional responses by instilling fear or giving rise to hope.

07 Mar 2022

Module C: The Craft of Writing
How to write a creative writing piece

I’d like to give you guys a few pointers about what I think is important in the crafting of a good short story.

01 Mar 2022

Essay writing for the HSC

Effective essay writing has been on the decline for the past fifteen years in schools. Students struggle with their interpretation of questions, the harnessing of powerful evidence and structure and expression.

02 Feb 2021

Problems Of Pragmatic Teaching

While I consider what aspect of educational reform I should submit for my application to do a doctorate in education, my year 12 student tells me that her school does not require the reading of a set text for the advanced English syllabus.

01 Feb 2021

How to achieve a Band 6 in the HSC Exam

Answering all those HSC questions requires you to understand the underlying assumptions or attitudes regarding the notion of Belonging and how effectively they are communicated!

01 Feb 2021

The Human experience: The HSC Common Module for Advanced and Standard English.

This module will allow you to explore other people’s perspectives and experiences influenced by culture and personal values. Now your job will be to identify “what ideas and assumptions are embedded in the text?”

26 Feb 2019

The new HSC English Syllabus

Hi everyone, I’m Gabriella—so, I guess some of you must be wondering what NESA’S NEW SYLLABUS is like and how that’s going to impact on your approach to the HSC texts.

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