How to achieve a Band 6 in the HSC Exam 2018

Answering all these questions requires you to understand the underlying assumptions or attitudes regarding the notion of Belonging and how effectively they are communicated! To answer 'effectively' requires you to cite the techniques e.g. – the use of register, tone, word choice and symbolism.

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What Kind Of Questions Can One Expect For Hamlet?

Hamlet questions in the past few years have been quite wide ranging; including questions on the nature of love, duty and responsibility, and questions relating to the very heart and nature of revenge tragedy.

Hamlet among other things is a play about ideas. The ideas are given weight when we consider Hamlet’s position in the world.

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What To Expect And How To Prepare for Discovery

The first assessment task varies from school to school, but generally takes place around mid November. The task requires a complete understanding of the ideas at the heart of Discovery. The task may require students to listen to, view or read a text on the subject of Discovery and respond by way of short answers or an extended response.

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Discovery, Advanced and Standard HSC - Shakespeare's Tempest and Frost's Poetry

As part of the Discovery Unit you will by now be aware that not all schools choose the same set text for Discovery. However, by far the most popular text for advanced students selected by the majority of schools is Shakespeare’s Tempest. The other common text used for standard students’ is Robert Frost’s poetry.

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The new HSC English Syllabus

I guess some of you must be wondering what NESA’S NEW SYLLABUS is like and how that’s going to impact on your approach to the HSC texts. In a nutshell, the new syllabus thankfully places a very strong emphasis on personal perspective something I’ve always believed to be essential to all subject areas; In other words, What Why + How have your texts led you to form your point of view.

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Module C: The Craft of Writing How to write a creative writing piece

So, the first thing I’d like to look at is: what is it that makes some short stories more interesting than others.

I’d like to give you guys a few pointers..

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Essay writing for the HSC

Effective essay writing has been on the decline for the past fifteen years in schools. Students struggle with their interpretation of questions, the harnessing of powerful evidence and structure and expression.

As schools and teachers are increasingly time poor, essay writing is left..

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Problems Of Pragmatic Teaching

While I consider what aspect of educational reform I should submit for my application to do a doctorate in education, my year 12 student tells me that her school does not require the reading of a set text for the advanced English syllabus. The text in question is a beautifully crafted play by Edson known as “WIT”.

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