Educare Sydney is dedicated to my father the late Maurice Finberg who sadly passed away in 2013. He was a highly respected and celebrated teacher, educator, Head of English at Killara High School and Vice and Acting Principal of Moriah College.

The inspiration provided by my father and my belief in student potential led to my decision to open an English tuition school where the joy of language and the magic of literature could be experienced.

I am solely responsible for the progress of each and every student. This is important so that I am actively able to monitor student progress and continuously evolve strategies to meet HSC requirements and the publishing of HSC notes for Advanced and Extension texts.

In 1983 I graduated from the University of Sydney with a diploma and

Bachelor of Arts with a subject major in English literature and history. I have taught in the private and public secondary system since 1983 and been approached by schools to offer workshops.

In 1998, I undertook a Master’s in Applied Linguistics from The University of NSW with a specialising component in syllabus and curriculum design. This allows me to effectively read each school’s syllabus critically and satisfy all directives from the board of studies.

I also mark trial HSC papers, which provides me with continued insight into the weaknesses and strengths of students in their application of knowledge.

Maurice Finberg

Morry Finberg was not only my father and friend but also my mentor and a true source of inspiration in teaching me the love for literature and education.

Everything I do reflects the legacy of my late father whose mission as an educator was:

"Don't lower the level of students but always raise them to the highest level"

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