I cannot overlook the recent news regarding the buying of essays on line and the article entitled “ Cheating endemic among HSC students.” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD 7.6.2015..

It saddens me to think that the study of English is seen as a commodity whose sole purpose is to ensure high marks and entry into tertiary courses. Such a Machiavellian approach to education can only impact on the caliber of graduates, and on tertiary studies taken at university.

Apart from the unethical nature of having essays copied, generally speaking, one can only assume that expertise of such essays would be lacking in intellectual rigor and certainly, originality and passion.

The purpose of the HSC English course is to provide the kinds of skills, which are necessary to life and certainly essential to further studies. The purpose of education is to open the mind and provide us with the skills to be more discerning and understand a little more about our world.

To discourage original thought as a tradeoff for marks is to degrade human potential and student worth. All students are capable of learning and a capable educator is interested not only in tapping the potential but providing the tools for a student’s own individual thoughts.

I have taught countless students over the years, and with very few exceptions all have surpassed their expectations acquiring skills, which have enabled them to successfully contribute to our society and their own lives.

The ends cannot justify the means because Education is entirely process driven. We never stop learning and we certainly must never stop improving our minds.

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