HSC Tuition Workshops Sydney and Eastern Suburbs

Since the April recess of 1999 I have run many workshops and have had students from all around Sydney and suburbs attending. Private, selective and public school alike, the demand for my workshops has been extensive and all have met with outstanding success witnessed in their HSC exam results. These workshops were originally only envisaged for my students however a strong student demand caused me to hold additional workshop sessions for students who did not attend private sessions with me.

Dear Parents,

I am taking this opportunity in the pre-trial July vacation to offer only a limited number of workshops. The workshops will almost exclusively be dedicated to the writing of essays, comprehension and creative writing. I have only included two 1-hour private spots so admission will be on a first come first serve basis. The workshops will begin on Monday July 9th and finish on Friday July 13th. I am unfortunately unavailable at any other time during the recess as I will be engaged otherwise.

2018 Workshop Time Table

 Session 1: 9:00 – 11:00Session 2: 11:30 – 1:30
Monday 9/7Comprehension / Creative Writing11:30-12:30 Private
Tuesday 10/7The CrucibleAuden
Wednesday 11/7Mrs Dalloway / The Hours11:30-12:30 Private
Thursday 12/7YeatsHamlet
Friday 13/7Pride & Prejudice / Letters to AliceMetropolis / 1984

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Send me a message to let me know which session you would like to book.

For Private admission send me an email to check availability before booking


What results have these HSC workshops yielded?

Almost all students ( Over 80% ) have come in the top 10- 20% of NSW of these one quarter have been ranked in the top 1-5% of NSW

Why HSC workshops as opposed to individual HSC tuition?

Whilst individual one on one tuition allows students to build confidence and perfect their academic skills, these workshops provide students with exposure to others studying the same texts in a controlled and highly motivated environment. One on one tuition is essentially very teacher directed, students also need to take responsibility for their ideas and active learning so they can develop confidence. Group work is essential not only for the stimulus of new ideas but enables students to gain a broader perspective of the different standards and approaches demanded by different schools.

What do the HSC workshops offer?

The workshops conducted throughout the year demand students explore questions in depth through intensive group discussions and substantiate ideas with a thorough knowledge of texts.

All students are supplied with notes which not only provide in depth analysis of themes, orientation to questions but also develop questions designed to guide responses sought in the HSC. The notes are of a high academic standard while at the same time their content is lucid. Many crib notes tend toward superficiality and responses which do not allow students to respond with depth and insight. The more literary criticisms tend to be cryptic and not effectively geared for effective HSC responses.

Which texts are covered in the HSC workshops?

All basic texts Advanced, Extension and Standard are covered matching the new syllabus requirement and complying with HSC syllabus demands.

What else is covered in the HSC workshops?

An extremely effective creative writing component has been designed by me which cover all text types. Creative writing is extremely difficult and a skill not covered effectively at school.

Reading and writing responses to pieces of satire, descriptive writing and various other text types has been carefully composed to guide students and allow them to know how to give the most effective written analysis.

How are the HSC workshops set out?

All workshop are small in number ranging from 6- 8 students per group. Each member of the workshop leads the discussion at various points in the session. The sessions are 90 minutes long and the atmosphere is intimate and dynamic. I am involved in directing and facilitating responses throughout the sessions so that the sessions remain tight and succinct.

There are a lot of workshops for HSC preparation how can I tell which one is useful?

You have to be careful with this selection. As I am entirely responsible for notes, texts and the type of student who attends, the overall standard and output is high. Be wary of those organisations who affiliate themselves with universities as they often are not affiliated and have merely borrowed the premises and names of the universities.

Can I see a sample of HSC Workshop notes?

If you wish to see a sample of notes, you can email me and I can forward an overview of the kinds of components taught in each session.

Can I purchase academic notes without attending workshop sessions?

This is also fine though I do recommend your attending the sessions as the notes are designed for a group dynamics but may be used for individual study. ( See attached form).

When are the HSC workshops conducted?

Pre trial, usually in the July recess & prior to the HSC in the September Recess. The last three workshop sessions I have run have been fully booked out as early as mid- to late April. As numbers are limited, it is a case of first in, first serve.

What is the tuition cost involved and what is included?

$150 per 90 minute session which also includes notes and in- depth comprehensive approaches for texts based on HSC requirements . All workshops must be paid in full. Once you have secured a place there is no refund.