Studying Advanced English, Standard, Extension 1 and 2.

Understanding your child's strength and weaknesses is not simply driven by marks. More often than not these marks can be misleading as your child may have been under duress, or not have managed his or her time effectively. It is important to consider the substance of the work submitted, not just the marks received.


Not everyone is able to commit to tuition. Knowing exactly what your child’s strength and weaknesses are and your options is a time saving device which is essential in senior years of study; especially with a ton of other subjects vying for help.

One of my strengths is my ability to comprehend assessment and diagnostic evaluation of senior students’ strengths and weaknesses. I am able to provide clear feedback on the literary or grammatical impediments that may impact on student performance. I seek to pinpoint specific academic aspects that require improvement. With these consultations, parents are then in a position to consider what kind of help, if any, their child requires. These consulting sessions are not designed to write  student material but are diagnostic.

HSC Trial and assessment marks of extended response

Much of the trouble with marking in schools there is little time to provide feedback on how and exactly why a student has not attained the mark sought. It requires very detailed knowledge of the text, and a very keen eye to see how effectively the student has answered a question. An extended response must not only answer a question but appear to directly tackle it. The student must also be able to offer evidence from the text which can be sufficiently exploited.

A consultation will allow me to examine the calibre of evidence provided by a students. Sometimes, the textual evidence provided by a student is simply not original enough and more often than not does not support the thesis argument.

On essay writing

As a teacher of HSC English and a publisher of HSC texts , I am very quickly able to assess whether the student has a solid understanding of the text’s values and ideas. If the understanding is glib, then the essay will fail to deliver depth and sophistication. A close examination paragraph by paragraph and a close look at the child’s capacity to engage with the essay question as well as an in-depth knowledge of the rubric, allows me to assess accurately.

Grammar and plagiarism 

There has been a rapid increase in essays which are poorly constructed. If the issue is grammatical, this will impact directly on the expression of the essay. A student must know whether the issues relate to punctuation, poor use of relative clauses or a confusing array of prepositions.

As we know, there are increasing concerns by NESA about originality and essay writing.  Many students fall into the trap of copying copious amounts of notes without any real understanding of the text. Critical sources are essential in exposing students to different ideas but they should never be at the expense of original thought and personal response

HSC Trials and Assessments

In my years of teaching I have noticed some basic skills study skills which students lack. How to prepare for HSC and to what extent pre- learned essays are the best way to go, are some of the many issues I explore.  .