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What can I expect to achieve after a full cycle of Educare Sydney tuition?

Here is a sample of the writing proficiency of my students after a year with me at Educare Sydney.


The exercising of individual passion and thought may prevent an individual from belonging as the criterion to belong is often determined by an attempt to abide by the status quo.
Gaita’s ‘Romulus, My Father’ describes Romulus, Mitru and Hora, as characters in his memoir with a developed sense of self, which appears to challenge the values of their surroundings. The importance of individuality is embedded deeply within the memoir as the acknowledgement of independent thought is notably more important that conformity and acceptance within a society.

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Module A – Virginia Woolf

Composed shortly after WWI together with an awakening female consciousness, Virginia Woolf’s 1929 essay A Room of One’s Own offers commentary on the strictures that have repressed artistic freedom and the nature of truth. The essay proposes the importance of economic self-sufficiency as a necessary tool of independence against a contextual backdrop that impedes truth. Similar to her essay, Edward Albee’s 1960 play, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, explores the illusive nature of truth and its impact on human identity as the audience witness the materialism and social convention denying freedom of expression and hampering the characters ability to face and access truth.

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Module C – Fulbright Scholars & the film Copenhagen

Ted Hughes’ “Fulbright Scholars,” the opening to his anthology, is reflective of the struggle to authenticate memory and, how this creates conflicting perspectives surrounding perceptions of an individual. His post-modern form of poetry demonstrates the ambiguity of certainty where he acknowledges the fallibility of memory; “Where was it, in the Strand?” The rhetorical question establishes the low modal nature of the poem as a whole, reinforced through enjambment of “a display of new items.” …

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Trials Results 2018

Name SchoolArea of studyModulesRecent Tasks
Geordan LirantzisScot College15/15 Comprehension
14/15 Creative
17/20 B
17/20 C
19/20 B
Caitlin OngSt George Christian12/15 Creative
14/15 Essay
Extension 1
25/25 Essay
18/20 C
19/20 Ext 1
Diamanda NicolopolousSt Ursula’s13/15 Comprehension
Lydia WibawaNorth Sydney Girls14/15 Comprehension
12/15 Creative
20/20 A
20/20 B
Juliette MartinSt Catherine’s13/15 Comprehension
12/15 Essay
16.5/20 A
17.5/20 B
Kayla GelmanMoriah14.5/15 Essay14/15 Ext 1

Older Resutls



Hi Gabby, I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping me with my English! I came 6th in the year scoring full marks in comprehension, 12/15 – in both belonging responses, and 17/20 in my modules. I know I can improve in everything, but just wanted to say thanks so much for your help.Catherine

Hey Gabby here are my results for Advanced English: Belonging Comprehension 15/15 Story 12/15 Essay 14/15 Module A 18/20 Module B 18/20 Module C 16/20 Total = 93/105 I came 3rd in the year in this examRohan


Initials School Assessment% Exam% Actual% Year
ZL Sydney Technical College 83 87 86 2016
LS Rose Bay Secondary 85 85 85 2016
CW Sydney Grammar 84 88 87 2016
JC Jia Cheng 83 88 87 2016
VT St George High 87 92 90 2016
Owens Kambala 94 94 94 2015
Kesby St Catherine 86 92 92 2015
Penelope Scieggs 87 91 91 2015
Lucy Wenona 94 94 94 2015
JA Moriah College 90 93 93 2013
LS Moriah College 83 84 84 2013
JA Moriah College 82 86 85 2013
KS Ascham 84 86 86 2013
MR The Emanuel 84 84 84 2012
JC Moriah College 79 89 84 2012
EL Rosebay Secondary 85 86 85 2012
ZI Newington High 85 88 85 2012
BT The Emanuel 87 87 87 2012
RC Cranbrook 89 86 88 2012
JR Scots College 88 88 88 2012
MM Rosebay Secondary 89 91 90 2012
AM The Emanuel 91 90 90 2012
CM Kambala 89 91 90 2012
TS Moriah College 90 91 90 2012
MM Waverley Boys 91 91 91 2012
JA Moriah College 91 91 91 2012
MS Moriah College 93 93 93 2012
RC Kambala 95 93 94 2012
BT Moriah College 89 85 87 2011
TJ The Emanuel 90 90 90 2011
RA Moriah College 90 92 91 2011
TM Moriah College 93 94 92 2011
JS Moriah College 91 94 92 2011
JB The Emanuel 96 96 96 2011
RS Kambala 96 96 96 2011

After working with Gabby for the past year, I have seen a drastic improvement in not only my marks and ranks, but also seen how my higher order thinking skills have developed. During my HSC I have undertaken the demanding courses of English Advanced, English Extension 1 and English Extension 2 and without the guidance, support and knowledge of Gabby, I would not have been able to have completed all of these units to the best of my ability. I have been exposed to new perspectives and interpretations of texts, which has given me the tools to produce essays and creative writing pieces that makes me stand out but simultaneously showing that I have a thorough understanding of the text. I strongly recommend students to work with her regardless if you are a weak or strong at English as the quality and her compassionate guidance is something that is very hard to findC.T.

One of the things I really valued was the open nature of Gabriella’s learning environment. At face value, tutoring sessions may seem to be formal, tedious and a microcosmic version of the classroom. However, the intimate and relaxed environment allowed me to feel comfortable in expressing my opinions and discussing new ideas, which can sometimes be difficult to do in the classroom. Upon starting, my weakness was writing essays in the sustained, logical and cohesive manner required by the Board of Studies. My sessions were structured around developing my writing style, focusing on constructing introductions that bring together a strong thesis and a direct answer to the question. I would write extended responses at home and bring them in for Gabriella to mark, and she would provide the extensive feedback that I didn’t get from my school teacher. Within the term, my marks had drastically improved from an average of 15/20 to average around 18/20. I also studied Extension English 1, whereby creative writing makes up 50% of the coursework. Gabriella helped me generate ideas that aligned with the syllabus requirements, but also allowed me to be creative and consolidate a passion for creative writing. In doing so, I received 85% for my creative journal and final piece. Secondly, Extension 1 demands a higher order of thinking and more sophisticated ability to synthesise the ideas within the texts. Gabriella’s tuition allowed me to delve further into the text, to unravel the complexities and underlying concerns of composers, which I found my teachers often failed to notice. I would highly recommend students to undertake tutoring with Gabriella. Gabriella’s support, compassion and care for each individual student is immeasurable, and her intellect and wisdom goes beyond what can be found in the classroom.Lucy