Latest HSC Assessment Results 2019

Son Tran
20/20 HSC Common Module Essay (1st overall)
Isobel Owens
20/20 Year 11 Common Module (1st overall)
Anneliese Ho
Alexandria Park
18/20 HSC Common Module Essay (1s overall)
19/20 HSC Module A (1st overall)
Emma Feeney
Monte St Angelo
16/20 HSC Common Module Essay
18/20 HSC Module A The Tempest and Hag-Seed Essay
Mali Alexiou
17/20 HSC Common Module Essay
Emily Green
St Clare’s
19/25 Year 11 Reading to Write (2nd overall)
Christopher Zorbus
St Mary’s Cathedral
18/20 HSC Module A The Tempest and Hag-Seed Essay
Diana Sideris
16/20 HSC Module A
Aisha Vibul
12/15 Year 11 Common Module

Assessments 2019
Isobel Owens
20/20 Creative Response for Year 10
Emma Feeney
Monte St Angelo
16/20 Common Module Essay for Year 12
Mali Alexiou
17/20 Common Module Essay for Year 12
Anneliese Ho
Alexandria Park
18/20 Common Module Essay for Year 12
(1st in Year 11)
Son Tran
20/20 Common Module Essay for Year 12
(1st in Year 11)
Christ Zorbous
Saint Mary's Cathedral
20/25 (Second in the year)

Latest HSC Results 2018

LWNorth Sydney Girls926
GLScots College906
LGMoriah College88
44/50 (Extension 1)
COSt George Christian School86
45/50 (Extension 1)
DNSt Ursula’s855
JMSt Catherine’s845
GASt Catherine’s825
MSSt Clare’s84 (Standard)5
Trials Results 2018

NameSchoolArea of studyModulesRecent Tasks
G. L.Scots College15/15 Comprehension
14/15 Creative
17/20 B
17/20 C
19/20 B
C. O.St George Christian12/15 Creative
14/15 Essay
Extension 1
25/25 Essay
18/20 C
19/20 Ext 1
D. N.St Ursula’s13/15 Comprehension
L. W.North Sydney Girls14/15 Comprehension
12/15 Creative
20/20 A
20/20 B
J. M.St Catherine’s13/15 Comprehension
12/15 Essay
16.5/20 A
17.5/20 B
K. G.Moriah14.5/15 Essay14/15 Ext 1

Older Results

SKSt Catherine’s8479822017
LDSt Catherine’s8080802017
JSWilloughby Girls9191912017
GLSt George Christian80.580.580.52017
CPReddam House8688862016
COSt George Christian8686862017
ZLSydney Technical College8387862016
LSRose Bay Secondary8585852016
CWSydney Grammar8488872016
JCJia Cheng8388872016
VTSt George High8792902016
KesbySt Catherine8692922015
JAMoriah College9093932013
LSMoriah College8384842013
JAMoriah College8286852013
MRThe Emanuel8484842012
JCMoriah College7989842012
ELRosebay Secondary8586852012
ZINewington High8588852012
BTThe Emanuel8787872012
JRScots College8888882012
MMRosebay Secondary8991902012
AMThe Emanuel9190902012
TSMoriah College9091902012
MMWaverley Boys9191912012
JAMoriah College9191912012
MSMoriah College9393932012
BTMoriah College8985872011
TJThe Emanuel9090902011
RAMoriah College9092912011
TMMoriah College9394922011
JSMoriah College9194922011
JBThe Emanuel9696962011


Hi Gabby, I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping me with my English! I came 6th in the year scoring full marks in comprehension, 12/15 – in both belonging responses, and 17/20 in my modules. I know I can improve in everything, but just wanted to say thanks so much for your help.Catherine

Hey Gabby here are my results for Advanced English: Belonging Comprehension 15/15 Story 12/15 Essay 14/15 Module A 18/20 Module B 18/20 Module C 16/20 Total = 93/105 I came 3rd in the year in this examRohan

After working with Gabby for the past year, I have seen a drastic improvement in not only my marks and ranks, but also seen how my higher order thinking skills have developed. During my HSC I have undertaken the demanding courses of English Advanced, English Extension 1 and English Extension 2 and without the guidance, support and knowledge of Gabby, I would not have been able to have completed all of these units to the best of my ability. I have been exposed to new perspectives and interpretations of texts, which has given me the tools to produce essays and creative writing pieces that makes me stand out but simultaneously showing that I have a thorough understanding of the text. I strongly recommend students to work with her regardless if you are a weak or strong at English as the quality and her compassionate guidance is something that is very hard to findC.T.

One of the things I really valued was the open nature of Gabriella’s learning environment. At face value, tutoring sessions may seem to be formal, tedious and a microcosmic version of the classroom. However, the intimate and relaxed environment allowed me to feel comfortable in expressing my opinions and discussing new ideas, which can sometimes be difficult to do in the classroom. Upon starting, my weakness was writing essays in the sustained, logical and cohesive manner required by the Board of Studies. My sessions were structured around developing my writing style, focusing on constructing introductions that bring together a strong thesis and a direct answer to the question. I would write extended responses at home and bring them in for Gabriella to mark, and she would provide the extensive feedback that I didn’t get from my school teacher. Within the term, my marks had drastically improved from an average of 15/20 to average around 18/20. I also studied Extension English 1, whereby creative writing makes up 50% of the coursework. Gabriella helped me generate ideas that aligned with the syllabus requirements, but also allowed me to be creative and consolidate a passion for creative writing. In doing so, I received 85% for my creative journal and final piece. Secondly, Extension 1 demands a higher order of thinking and more sophisticated ability to synthesise the ideas within the texts. Gabriella’s tuition allowed me to delve further into the text, to unravel the complexities and underlying concerns of composers, which I found my teachers often failed to notice. I would highly recommend students to undertake tutoring with Gabriella. Gabriella’s support, compassion and care for each individual student is immeasurable, and her intellect and wisdom goes beyond what can be found in the classroom.Lucy