Module Area of Study The Tempest – HSC English Study Notes for Schools and Tutoring


William Shakespeare, The Tempest
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Module Area of Study The Tempest – HSC English Study Notes

The study notes on The Tempest have been composed specifically to target not only the core ideas of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, but to provide the conceptual link to Discovery; The Area of Study unit for the 2015- 2020 HSC syllabus.

Shakespeare’s Tempest Study Notes and Discovery

What’s Included in Your 18 page HSC Discovery & The Tempest Study Notes:

A comprehensive introduction and guide to the new English Syllabus and Board Of Studies assessment requirements, PLUS:

  1. Context

    • Shakespeare’s context
    • Contemporary context


  1. Key themes on discovery

    Language techniques have been integrated as part of the thematic approach. I have theme based the notes so that a student can select any given theme set down and consider how The Tempest relates to ideas at the core of Discovery.


  1. The Tempest

    • The basic ideas at the core of The Tempest
    • Key themes of Discovery expanded on and related to The Tempest
    • Symbolism
    • Language


HSC Notes on William Shakespeare’s The Tempest – The Perfect Study Companion