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Common Module Nineteen Eighty-Four – HSC English Study Notes 2019 – 2023


These Nineteen Eighty-Four study notes have been composed specifically to target the requirements for HSC English Common Module.


The notes examine and develop ideas in the areas of:

  • Context – the author’s/composer’s and our contemporary contexts;
  • Themes – relating to the Common Module, and relating to the set text;
  • Technique – the use of literary or cinematic techniques; with suggested references from the set text.


These study notes on Common Module will enable students to consider: 

  • The thematic ideas at the core of the texts;
    How their own understanding of their world is often challenged by new insights;
    In what way a writer’s social, cultural or political context may influence his or her subject matter;
  • How language and symbolism are used to provide insight into the characters’ values and prejudices, and of course the implicit values of the composer or storyteller.

Content of the Notes:


. Context

a)     Orwell’s context
i.         Marxism
ii.         Totalitarianism

b)    Contemporary context

2. Keys themes on human experience

I.         The abuse of power

a.     Technology and propaganda

II.         The erosion of human values

a.     Compassion and love

b.     Lack of hope (and the absence of revolution)

c.     The distortion and revision of the past