Letters from students

From: Connor
Subject: I'll take it
Date: 19 December 2017 at 2:12:21 am AEDT
To: gabriella@educaresydney.com.au

Hey Gab,

First off as I should've probably said in our last lesson, a massive thank you for the time and effort you put in to enable me to reach my full potential. You've taught me a lot over these past few years above all that I hadn't been properly taught English until I came to you, or maybe I just didn't listen because the teachers didn't have cats scraping at doors or window cleaners to pay or a conspicuous toaster. Who knows? But what I do now know is that Alain De Botton is looking at "exotic" airport signs and, most likely, has developed objectophilia yet that still doesn't make his non-fiction, multimodal, hybrid, pastiche, book interesting. 

One of the most important things I have come to realise after having you as, yeah I might as well say it, an English teacher is that truly understanding something manifests itself into authentic and credible writing. Possibly siri could've told me that I don't know but you proved it to be true after my marks started to increase then drop down again for the trials because I suppose the question needs to be addressed as well. 

English was particularly difficult throughout my time at school and I wasn't too pleased when I had to stick with it for my HSC, but that didn't seem to resonate with my results as I ended up with an 85. As the title of this email states, I'll take it. I actually ended up doing better than maths and french in my exam mark as I received an 86/100, it was only the assessment mark that dragged it down a bit but nevertheless I didn't think that was achievable for me, after I thought that a band 6 was in the early days, and I was wrong 😊.

It's not a band 6 but it's not a tutor's essay. 

Once again I am very grateful that you took me on as your student and I hope the new syllabus is more bearable for you.