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Which is better: private tuition or group tuition?

Whilst individual one on one tuition allows students to build confidence and perfect their academic skills, these workshops provide students with exposure to others studying the same texts in a controlled and highly motivated environment. One on one tuition is essentially very teacher directed, students also need to take responsibility for their ideas and active learning so they can develop confidence. Group work is essential not only for the stimulus of new ideas but enables students to gain a broader perspective of the different standards and approaches demanded by different schools.

Many schools  discourage tuition – what should I do ?

Schools discourage tuition because there is sometimes a conflict of approach between tutor and class teacher and sometimes the tutor is not  qualified. A tutor is not a substitute for a classroom teacher, they are there to extend understanding, offer support and clarify learning impediments.

What if my tutor teaches something differently to my class teacher ?

There is no monopoly on ideas. All individuals respond differently. Ultimately after weighing up both approaches- the student must be able to make their own determination always supported by evidence from the text in question.

Will I be able to get a band 6?

This depends on your capacity to engage critically and effectively with the text. No one can guarantee such outcomes but certainly a vast improvement will take place with application and hard work.

Will my tutor write my essays?

No essays will be  written although great support  will be  provided to facilitate the ability to write your own!

What if other students tutors write their essays?

Knowledge is power. You cannot nor should you ever assume another person’s work is better than the work you can create. Examination questions can be tricky and if the essay is not your own it will be impossible to answer what you do not know.
The purpose of the lessons here are to equip you into the HSC and into further tertiary studies if you so desire.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

If you are enrolled in a group – there is no possibility of a makeup lesson. if you are enrolled in a private session and are unable to attend – your sibling is welcome to your spot or anyone else you would like to nominate. I cannot however credit nor provide any makeup sessions.

Do I have to deal with different people every time?

Many tuition schools employ graduate and  undergraduate students for tuition purposes. Some of these also have a number of qualified teachers as well. However, Educare Sydney is run by me and I take full responsibility and accountability for the learning and standard provided. The standard of teaching is impeccable.  My linguistic, literary and teaching background ensures that students are provided with the very best that education can provide.

If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact me

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