Check this sample from one of the videos in this module

We’ve done it !
Educare Sydney has crafted an audio visual and written course satisfying all of the Board of Studies HSC requirements for the study of THE CRUCIBLE

Under my expertise the course is designed to ensure academic excellence in the trial and HSC, replacing one on one private sessions. Students living further a field throughout NSW will also be able to obtain the benefits of an excellently compiled academic module of teaching.

As you all know The Crucible questions are wide ranging and I have designed the The Crucible course to ensure that students will be equipped to answer any question on Yeats without rote learning their responses.

The videos number four in total and are theme based.

Each video contains:

• Passages on The Crucible
• An analysis of language
• An exploration of the central ideas, as well as clearly written notes.


No need for a whole term of one on one private sessions for Yeats

You are being taught and guided by me- a qualified teacher and marker who is passionate and believes in then power of good teaching.

You will be able to use the themes, notes and points I raise to write an essay of academic excellence.

You can rewind the videos and play them back until you know The Crucible perfectly.