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Advanced HSC English Tuition and coaching


These popular workshops provide students with exposure to others studying the same texts in a controlled and highly motivated

Group Tuition

Group tuition allows students to celebrate the uniqueness of their individuality within the collective. Maximum class size of 5.

One to One Lessons

Some students require a more teacher centred approach and feel more secure within the context of individual learning.

HSC Notes for Purchase

Extensive, carefully compiled study notes composed specifically to complement the Board of Studies HSC English requirements.

HSC Study Notes Sydney – Exclusive to Educare Sydney

Educare Sydney study notes have been composed specifically to target the requirements for the new HSC English syllabus. They offer literary insights that complement and extend a student’s responses to set texts.

These study sheets are not designed to act as crib notes but rather to be used only after the text has been read thoroughly.




Check out the notes page to see if your text is covered.

HSC Study Notes Sydney | HSC Study Notes Eastern Suburbs

Download our tips on how to score a band 6 in 2015

HSC English Exam Notes and Tips

Check now our tips on how to score a band 6 in your HSC English exam in 2015.  This report has been created by Gabriella Nagata, a hsc marker with over 20 years of experience.

HSC Notes from Educare Sydney

Our Teaching Approach Explained

Individualized teaching approach and analysis of HSC texts

Development of a love of literature and language by extending the students intellectually and emotionally

Review and in depth study of all syllabus requirements

Multi-faceted approach to facilitate learning, emphasizing the need to incorporate the class teacher’s approach and one’s personal response

Preparation of students for the HSC and beyond

The focus is placed on written expression and the integration of grammar so that students are able to prepare strong essays and extended responses for the H.S.C and subsequent tertiary studies.

Many tuition schools employ graduate and undergraduate students for tuition purposes. Some of these also have a number of qualified teachers as well. However, Educare Sydney is run by me alone so I can I take full responsibility and accountability for the learning and standard provided. The standard of teaching is impeccable. My linguistic, literary and teaching background ensures that students are provided with the very best that education can provide.”


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Results of 2015

Educare Sydney would like to congratulate its students on their very fine English achievements. Further congratulations are in order for three of my students who received the all rounders scholarship !

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Over 30 Years' Tuition Experience

Workshops, group classes or one to one tuition, all these approaches provide for effective learning.

Small Study Class Sizes

To maximize the impact of each lesson a maximum number of 5 students per group class is allowed

HSC Tuition Engagement

On a personal and intellectual level, to instill not only a love of language and literature but extend the student’s cultural awareness.

HSC Syllabus

An intimate and clear understanding of the HSC curriculum and syllabus requirements, with many years experience as a HSC marker for trial papers, and a Masters degree in syllabus and curriculum design.

HSC English Results

OH, Kambala, 2015
Lucy, Wenona, 2015
Penelope, Scieggs. 2015
Kesby,St, Catherine, 2015

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